Average Towing Cost By Vehicle Type

Prices Generally Range From $95 Per Hour to $197 Per Hour

Cars need to be towed for different reasons. Some vehicles are not able to be moved while others are broken down on the side of the road.

Whether you require the assistance of a tow truck immediately or sometime in the future, here’s some information you need to know about the average towing cost by vehicle type.

Average Towing Cost According to Vehicle Classification

The cost to tow a vehicle or other item varies by state. Some towing companies charge by the hour while other companies have an hourly and a fixed rate.

The towing vehicle classifications are:

  • Passenger Car
  • Pickup Truck/SUV
  • RV/Motorhome
  • Semi Truck

Passenger Car

The average towing rate per hour for passenger cars is $95. Towing a passenger car is considered "lightweight towing" and is the least expensive type of towing most towing companies offer. Passenger cars are defined as a vehicle that does not exceed 7,000 pounds.

Pickup Truck/SUV

The average towing rate per hour for a pickup truck or SUV is $129. Towing for an SUV or pickup truck is considered "medium-duty" towing. This average rate applies to pickup trucks and SUVs that do not exceed 10,000 pounds.

RV / Motorhome

The average towing rate per hour for an RV, motorhome, or vehicle of similar weight is $197. This type of towing is considered "heavy-duty" towing. Vehicles of this type should not exceed 26,000 pounds.


The average towing rate per hour for a semi-truck or a similar vehicle is $300. Anything that exceeds heavy-duty towing is considered "super heavy-duty" towing.

How Is A Towing Rate Determined?

Different factors that determine a towing rate include:

  • The number of miles a vehicle needs to be towed
  • The size of the vehicle
  • The difficulty of towing (rain, snow, and other unfavorable weather and events)
  • Time of day

In many situations, there is a flat rate that ranges from $75 to $125. If a flatbed is required to tow your vehicle, the average flat rate is $95 and $3.50 for each mile. Motorcycles can also be towed. If you need a motorcycle tow, the average flat rate is $75 and $1 for each mile.

The average rate-per-mile for towing vehicles ranges from $2 to $4 each mile. After-hours towing is more expensive. After-hours towing pricing ranges from $5 to $150.

How to Save Money on Towing Fees

Nothing is more aggravating and frustrating than your car breaking down. Towing fees can be expensive, and emergencies seem to always occur during the worst times. There are different ways you can save money on towing fees.

Check with Credit Card Companies

In addition to building or maintaining excellent credit, some credit companies offer a variety of perks, such as towing services or a roadside assistance package. Check with your credit card company to determine the specifics of the coverage.

Roadside assistance makes dealing with vehicle breakdowns and getting towing assistance easier.

Get Tow Service Coverage Through Your Auto Insurance Provider

Most auto insurance providers offer roadside assistance or towing package to ensure you get your vehicle where it needs to be to get repaired without causing too much more of a hassle.

Many auto insurance companies allow you to add roadside assistance to your quote as an add-on for an additional fee. You can also get roadside assistance when you have comprehensive and collision coverage.

Become a Member of an Auto Club

There are different auto clubs you can join that offer roadside assistance and other perks for a monthly or yearly fee. A lot of auto clubs offer dining and travel perks in addition to roadside assistance and towing services.

The average cost of towing can be expensive regardless of where you live, the towing company you choose, and the reason you need a tow truck, but their services are beneficial in different situations.

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